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If the axle will not remove by hand, tap on the exposed (non-drive) axle end with a soft-face hammer to dislodge. 2. Pull the freehub from the hub shell. Take care not to lose the small red spacer which sits between the freehub body and the drive-side bearing. 3. Using a small flathead screw driver, gently remove the co-molded freehub seal from the hub Bolio pitbull pedigree
Compatible with Shimano 10/11 speed, SRAM 10/11 freehubs, axle swap kit available for quick release and 15mm Includes TLR rim strip, TLR valve, valve core removal tool, and traditional rim strip Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3 Wheels

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The freehub boasts quick engagement for lightning fast acceleration and confidence when negotiating tricky technical sections. 2 Nm 100 in lbs Shimano® 9. Check that your hub has a black end cap before using this freehub. Remove backgrounds automatically with AI. - 11sp Road compatible freehub body with supplied 1.

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Nov 16, 2017 · The freehub body has a series of splines on the outer shell. “Cassette” sprockets slide over these splines. A lockring threads into the freehub and holds the sprockets, or cogs, in place. When the cogs are removed, the ratcheting freehub remains on the hub body. Most modern bicycles use the freehub system. See a typical cassette hub below.

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With my old Hope hubs, you could remove the freehub body by just prising off the top cap. It was held in place with a rubber O ring. Then the freehub body just slid off - with springs and pawls flying off in all directions, naturally! Most cartridge bearings come out with the use of a hammer and the correct sized drift.

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For use with Shimano Dura-Ace WH-9000-C75-TU-R rear wheels. This Complete Freehub Body can also be used on the following: Rear Hubs - Shimano Dura-Ace FH-9000

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Package Contents:: 1* Wheelset Drum Removal Tool. Colour:: Black. View all specs. You may also like. ZRACE HUB Tool, freehub ratchet Tool for DT SWISS HUB, KOOZER 470.

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Remove the freehub shim. This is a thin washer. Be careful as sometimes this can stick to the inside of the freehub body or the bearing spacer.

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I am currently using a shimano XT M775 wheelset and a few weeks ago my freehub body decided to cave in. Well the local shimano agencies say then can only get me a new one in January "Crap Shimano local service" I have been looking around for one and want to know if the following will work for...

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9 - Twist and pull the freehub body off of the rear hub axle. You should pull the freehub body directly out from the hub shell. Be careful that none of the paws and springs slide off while removing freehub body. 10 - The freehub body will slide directly off of the rear hub axle. The drive side end cap is what holds together when fully assembled.

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Campagnolo freehub FH-BO015; alloy Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed FH-BO015X1 (spacer included), or Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed FH-BO015. The shimano body is a ceramic coated alloy to minimise notching whereas the Campagnolo body is alloy. These freehub fits the mid and high end Campagnolo and Fulcrum wheels and 2015 onwards low end Campagnolo fulcrum using 17mm diamter OS alloy axle hub. The freehubs ...

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O.L.D. 15mm*100mm;12mm*142mm/100mm;135mm. Freehub body. 6 pawl, 3 teeth, 114 rings. Sealed bearings.

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