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CSH - The C shell with a syntax reminiscent of C. TCSH - CSH with command line editing. KSH - The Korn shell. A superset of SH BASH - The GNU Bourne-Again shell. ZSH - The Z shell. Another superset of SH. RC - rc shell. A shell based on AT&T plan 9 shell. When looking for TCSH, use CSH. Pure TCSH's are marked with an '*'. Dodge journey whining noise
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nohup kate &) per mantenere l'output del programma in un file. Ma anche la riconnessione completa a una shell non è più ansible. ... con zsh si desidera setopt HUP ...

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In zsh, setopt nohup seems to be required to make nohup work, as follows 00 watch ls. Why does zsh need setopt nohup since bash does not?

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If it is a very temporary problem though, this is often a nice compromise: yum-config-manager --save --setopt=<repoid>.skip_if_unavailable=true.

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Pour de nombreux utilisateurs, il est peut-être souhaitable de voir si votre shell prend en charge une fonctionnalité comme le setopt nohup de zsh. Cela peut être utilisé pour spécifier que SIGHUP ne doit pas être envoyé aux travaux dans la table des travaux lorsque le shell est sorti.

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zsh には、右プロンプトやマルチライン編集機能があるので、その方が 都合がいいため。 setopt NO_PROMPT_CR すれば、一応お望み通りになるが… 234 :名無しさん@Emacs:03/03/07 16:47 >>233 それやると今度は画面が崩れます。 RPROMPT='[%~]'

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(Make sure that the PATH variable is set such that the orca executables are visible) orca MyMol.inp > MyMol.out Under UNIX based operating systems the following call is convenient 1 (here also: make sure that the PATH variable is set to the directory where the orca executables reside): nohup orca MyMol.inp >& MyMol.out & The nohup command lets ...

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Apr 26, 2020 · Zsh is a much more configurable shell with tons of plugins and themes that will make your terminal look awesome and even improve your workflow. For this shell customization possibilities are almost limitless, so now I'll simply explain the settings and themes I use.

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여기서 /path/to/zsh_help_directory 는 zsh 도움말 폴더로 대체해야합니다. Homebrew를 통해 zsh가 설치된 OS X를 사용하는 경우이 폴더는 /usr/local/share/zsh/help 이렇게하면 zsh에 대해 bash와 같은 도움말을 사용할 수 있습니다.

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В zsh setopt HIST_IGNORE_ALL_DUPS. ... можно воспользоваться nohup при запуске команды. ValdikSS 22 октября 2013 в 11:50 +2.

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